DIY Wedding Flower Success

Have the flowers of your dreams...
Save thousands of dollars...
Pull off the biggest DIY of your life and nail it!

Course Syllabus

Starting with the Basics

We'll start with the basics of DIY wedding flowers to give you a solid foundation. Then we'll set your Flower Goals together. We prepare your flower timeline and then go through the process of selecting your flowers.

Flower Preparation

In this unit you'll learn flower preparation techniques. We'll discuss the supplies you'll need as well as the proper way to process your flowers. Plus we'll go over some tips and tricks to prolong your flowers' life.

Flower Tutorials

In this unit, I'll demonstrate various arrangement tutorials including: Bouquet Basics, Medium Centerpiece Tutorial, Floral Foam Centerpiece Tutorial, Tall Arrangement Tutorial, Boutonniere Tutorial, Corsage Tutorial, and Floral Crown Tutorial.

Bonus Lessons

These bonus lessons will help you expand your floral knowledge and truly knock your DIY Wedding Flowers out of the park. Lessons include: Hydrangea the Super Flower, Where to Buy Your Flowers, Cost Cutting Tips, Where DIY Flowers Go Wrong, Floral Design Basics, and Latest Flower Trends.

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